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Why is a UHF Combi Card So Important?

One of the long-standing trends in access control is the increased emphasis on the security of access cards. Today, there is a stronger need for cards that are difficult to duplicate or hack. By realising that access control isn’t merely about security but also ease of use and convenience, it may be time to consider the UHF Combi Card, a proximity card that is versatile, economical, and secure.

A UHF Combi Card allows long-range ultra-high-frequency identification with smartcard technology and proximity. Its advanced sensitivity ensures better reading range and rates while offering full reading and writing capabilities, making it suitable with any EPC UHF operational band. Implementing UHF combi cards in your organisation can ensure fail-proof security and safety while offering convenience to employees, guests, and customers. They may even enhance efficiency in personal identification and management applications when paired with next-generation UHF RFID cards.

Enhancing security and access control

Convenience and security are among the reasons for the growing importance of the UHF Combi Card in many industries. Its proximity or smartcard technology and UHF allow the use of one card for multiple applications, such as building and vehicle access. With UHF technology, the card can be read from up to 33 feet or 10 meters with a uPASS target. It’s also possible to read from up to 16 feet or 5 meters with uPASS Reach or 6 feet or 2 meters with uPASS Access.

Easy to use

With UHF Combi Cards, you can provide secure and convenient access to your building and other assets in your organisation. They are easy to use and weigh only a few grams. Some of the best products are only 6g or 0.21 oz. The cards are maintenance-free, as they don’t have batteries, and they are durable with PVC construction and an IP65 protection class, which makes them rugged for any environment.

Make it your own

Some companies can customise the UHF Combi Card with on-request printing. Rest assured, it won’t affect the reliability and operating frequency of the product.

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