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What Features Do RFID Passive Readers Have?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

RFID systems are either active or passive. If you’re new to technology, you may wonder which is suitable for your needs. The RFID passive reader is a good choice for access control, race timing, smart labels, supply chain management, file tracking, and other similar applications. It’s significantly more affordable than active readers, making it economical for any industry.

Unlike active systems, RFID passive systems have no internal power source. Instead, they function using the electromagnetic energy from the RFID reader. Passive tags use only an IC and internal antenna, a structure known as an RFID inlay.

Passive RFID systems operate in low-frequency, ultra-high-frequency, or high-frequency bands. Passive system ranges depend on the power of the backscatter of the tag, so they are usually less than 10m. However, some readers have a greater range.


The best RFID passive reader ensures long-distance access, with UHF and an integrated design for the fully self-intellectual property. It is practical for applications like access control, logistics, anti-counterfeiting and industrial process control. The reader is based on a proprietary efficient digital signal processing algorithm, so it supports fast tag writing and reading with a high identification rate.

UHF RFID passive readers have a working frequency of 920 to 925MHz (National Standard) and 902 to 928MHz (American standard), but they are customisable to your desired frequency. They support protocols like ISO 18000-6B and ISO 18000-6C (EPC GEN2), with frequent hopping at FHSS or a fixed frequency set by software.

The RFID passive reader automatically reads cards from a distance of five to fifteen meters, at speeds of less than 6ms, for a label 64-bit ID number. Dual polarisation reading increases reading sensitivity. It uses a built-in circular polarisation antenna and gains 8db or 12dBI. A buzzer indicates that the system is working.

Where to get a passive RFID reader

Learn more about RFID passive readers by exploring the products available online. Some retailers offer a free consultation to help you pick the best RFID reader for your needs.

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